Jacquelyn and Rick: Married

Better late than never! Here are some wedding photos from Jacquelyn and Rick’s wedding day. Rick has been a good friend of mine for a while and whenever he asked me to photograph their wedding I was speechless. It was an honor to document their love. Enjoy!

Victoria and Seth: Married!

It's always nice when a friend asks you to photograph their wedding. For the couple, they get a familiar and relaxed wedding photographer, and for the photographer, a relaxed and familiar couple! It's a win win situation! Had a great time with Victoria and Seth! Enjoy the images! 

Ceremony: St. John's Cathedral

Reception: Le Pavillon

Kim and Matt: Married!

Kim and Matt are two of the nicest people I've had the opportunity to photograph. They opened up their home in Oregon and gave me a chance to step into their lives for a week. I had a blast at all their parties and met some amazing people. Both being winemakers I knew for sure this was going to be an awesome time. Needless to say it was a blast. Congrats guys! You are both beautiful people inside and out. Looking forward to our future friendship and hope to make it back up to Oregon soon. Enjoy the images! 

Abigail and David: Married!

I couldn't be happier for these two. They found each other in New Orleans, LA and tied the knot in my hometown of Lafayette. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Along with amazing friends and family, Abigail had the Lost Bayou Ramblers serenade their reception and The French Press provide an exquisite dinner. Congrats Guys! 

Reception: The French Press

Band: The Lost Bayou Ramblers

Kristin and Tim: Married.

I already had an idea of what I was getting into when Kristin contacted me about photographing her wedding. I had photographed her sisters's wedding a couple of years before. I remember that this family is full of love and really know how to have a good time. So making the decision to cover Kristin's wedding was a no-brainer. 

The setting was a beautiful old department store in Rayne, Louisiana. The Crossing at Mervine Kahn. This venue always offers tons of photo opportunities and the staff is magnificent. 

The bride was beautiful and the groom was a true gentleman. What more could a photographer ask for. Here are a couple of highlighted images from Kristin and Tim's wedding day. Enjoy!

Abigail and David: Engaged!

Had a great time hanging out with these two last week. Oh! and we made some images too. Looking forward to their wedding this weekend.

All images were made at Crescent Park in New Orleans, LA.

Cajun Mardi Gras! Faquetaique Courir de Mardi Gras.

I wanted to share a couple of images from this past Mardi Gras. This festivity is not your typical Mardi Gras. It is held in Eunice, LA. The Capitaine is the leader of this Cajun Mardi Gras tradition. The Faquetaique Courir de Mardi Gras is a progressively adapted rendition of the original. Everyone is allowed to participate rather than traditionally only males. We've made our own little changes to keep this thing going in a new day and age. Enjoy!


Jardin and Luke: Married!

So I'm still playing catch up on this whole blog thing. I've made so many images over the past 2 years that got put on the back burner. The rebrand from Sharper Photography to Cory James Photo was a major thing. Out with the old and in with the new. 

Jardin and Luke are in love.. That's what these images say to me. I truly believe that a photo is more of a communication than just something nice to look at. These photos show and tell their story.. Enjoy!

Rebecca and Matt: Married!

The rain couldn't stop these two from having an amazing wedding day!

After rain all morning and into the afternoon it magically stopped about 30 minutes before ceremony. Being a wedding photographer, adaptability is the name of the game. All the plans that were made were completely ruined. Locations were changed and images were made. Days like this one make it exciting and challenging to be a wedding photographer. You never know what you are getting into. 

The smell of a delicious boucherie lingered all day around the property provided by Pop's Poboys. The wedding was beautiful! The celebration that followed was one for the books. Here are a couple of images from Rebecca and Matt's big day. Thanks so much to Hannah with Southern Couture for keeping everything on track and having the super plan for nasty weather. 


Emily and Josh: Married!

Here are a couple of images from Emily and Josh's wedding day. We had a great time down in Abbeville, LA. The weather and couple were perfect. Congrats Guys!

Fujifilm X-Pro2 and The Lost Bayou Ramblers.

So I recently took a chance and purchased a camera outside of my normal NIkon world. It is the Fujifilm X-Pro2. I was very unsure if this camera was going to be able to compete with my full frame DSLRs. 

I hadn't spent a lot of time shooting it just yet and found out Lost Bayou was going to be playing at the Music Box. This was a super hard situation to photograph, people playing instruments, moving around, low light, rain, and a couple drinks in me.... What better way to push the limits of a new camera and see what kind of images it makes.

Wow, was I excited whenever I realized what this camera was doing. This little mirrorless rangefinder camera completely blew me away. The low light looks great, the focus was snappy and sharp, and the colors right of the camera were spot on. These images have little to no color correction done to them except the B/W images. I could't be happier with the outcome. I look forward to working with this camera. Just need to pick up a couple more lenses now. Enjoy the photos!


Shade and Destin: Married!

Still on my catch up posts here.. What can I say about Shade and Destin? What a beautiful couple. No matter what light I photographed these two in they made a beautiful image. They were full of energy and emotion the whole day. It was amazing to capture. They made their day how they wanted and I was just along for the ride.  Here are a couple of highlights from their weddings. Cheers!