Lost Bayou Ramblers

Abigail and David: Married!

I couldn't be happier for these two. They found each other in New Orleans, LA and tied the knot in my hometown of Lafayette. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Along with amazing friends and family, Abigail had the Lost Bayou Ramblers serenade their reception and The French Press provide an exquisite dinner. Congrats Guys! 

Reception: The French Press

Band: The Lost Bayou Ramblers

Fujifilm X-Pro2 and The Lost Bayou Ramblers.

So I recently took a chance and purchased a camera outside of my normal NIkon world. It is the Fujifilm X-Pro2. I was very unsure if this camera was going to be able to compete with my full frame DSLRs. 

I hadn't spent a lot of time shooting it just yet and found out Lost Bayou was going to be playing at the Music Box. This was a super hard situation to photograph, people playing instruments, moving around, low light, rain, and a couple drinks in me.... What better way to push the limits of a new camera and see what kind of images it makes.

Wow, was I excited whenever I realized what this camera was doing. This little mirrorless rangefinder camera completely blew me away. The low light looks great, the focus was snappy and sharp, and the colors right of the camera were spot on. These images have little to no color correction done to them except the B/W images. I could't be happier with the outcome. I look forward to working with this camera. Just need to pick up a couple more lenses now. Enjoy the photos!